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We search the inter web far and wide to feature the most #Forkable food out there. No…none of the recipes are ours, but they are #ForkingGoodLooking, and we want to feature them.

Holy #Fork…Coffee Cake

Calling all coffee cake FANATICS…this is #ForkingGood. Especially when it has a crumbly topping. And especially when that crumbly topping has chocolate chips. #ForkYeah “coffee cake” is a key word for “it’s okay to eat cake for breakfast” and people can’t judge because coffee cake is totally a breakfast food.

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#ForkMeNow Smore Brownies

Are you #FORKINGKIDDINGME…. Smores, cookies, brownies all in one? #ForkYeah. This incredible mixture of #ForkingGood things melts your mouth the moment you put it in. Don’t even think about starting your diet anytime soon after indulging in this goodness..

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#ForkMeSideways Burgers

The burgers are so #forkinggood is isn’t fair. Between the double meat patty and the #forkable bbq sauce, you can go wrong. I give this recipe #FourForks to of five! If you don’t believe us how good these burgers are, just take look at this pictures. The pictures showcase the #ForkingGood meant, buns, and fixings on top. Incredible!

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